When it comes to cooking meats such as steaks or ribs, there are few better ways to prepare the meat than by applying a dry rub. A dry rub will provide an extra layer of flavor that will take the piece of meat to the next level. If you have selected a dry rub, take into consideration these steps on how to properly apply a dry rub.

Select the Meat

Choose a Meat for Your Dry Rub.
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The first step in applying a rub is going to be selecting the piece of meat that you would like to cook. There is virtually no end to the number and type of meats that can be used with dry rubs, whether it be chicken, steak, fish, or pork. Choose a meat that will fit the dish that you are creating, and from there you can choose the rub.

Choose a Rub to Use

There are literally hundreds of different types of dry rubs on the market, and many of these are specifically made for certain types of meat. For instance, if you are considering steaks for dinner, then you may want to look into a dry rub like Baru Le Steak Rub, as this will drastically enhance the flavor of the steak. Of course, you can create your own dry rub from scratch, but premade rubs offer a simple and delicious way to prepare meats while avoiding any mess.

Apply the Rub to the Meat

While applying the dry rub may seem self-explanatory, there are still some things to keep in mind. Always make sure to apply the dry rub to one piece of meat at a time. By doing this you will be able to ensure that each piece gets properly coated. Once the rub adequately covers the surface, flip the piece of meat and do the same to the other side. After applying the dry rub, check each piece to make sure you didn’t skip over any areas.

Let the Rub Sit on the Surface

Let the Dry Rub Sit on the Meat to Add Flavor.
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There is no doubt that you can begin cooking the meat as soon as the dry rub has been applied, however, to get the most flavor, it is recommended that the dry rub be left on the surface of the meat for at least an hour or so before cooking. In fact, to get the maximum effect of the dry rub, place the coated meat in the refrigerator overnight.

In Summary

Dry rubs are one of the best ways to get more flavor from the meat you are cooking. There are a variety of different rub styles and ingredients, each with its own designated use. If you are thinking of dishes to prepare for family or friends, consider using a meat coated with dry rub.