Noche de San Juan Batista is fast approaching and with it comes great food, bonfires and cleansing the soul for good luck. Many individuals that celebrate Noche de San Juan Batista pack up a picnic meal and head down to the beach to celebrate. Why not take these great customs and build the perfect picnic to share with friends and loved ones down by the water. With so many beaches in the Vancouver area, this tradition can easily be incorporated into your celebration. We have pulled together some great ideas to make and pack up for a picnic by the surf.

The Main Course

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Homemade Pastelon makes a Great Picnic Meal. Image Source: Pixabay

Pastelon is a fantastic make-ahead dish that can fill up your appetite and contains plantains, achiote, and string beans to name a few ingredients. This dish is a traditional Latin food that many make for celebrations and festivals. The combinations of flavors are heaven for the taste buds and can be done ahead of time.

Snacks for Everyone to Enjoy

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Delicious Pork Cracklings. Image Source: Pixabay

No picnic is complete without a plethora of snacks. From Bubu Lubu to pork cracklings, you can supply your guests with things to munch on throughout the evening. Try making Pan Dulce ( similar to a Mexican donut) to wow the crowd. These tasty little treats will keep the little ones coming back for more.

Soda and Warm Drinks for the Evening

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Try a Refreshing Guava Soda. Image Source: Wikipedia

Don’t forget about beverages as well. Many Latin drinks will be perfect for your Noche de San Jan Batista picnic and add to the ambiance of the night. Jarritos Mandarin and Guava soda are refreshing and easy to pack.  When the evening cools down, take out the thermos and enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate to warm the soul after you have fallen into the water three times to bring good luck for the upcoming year.

Making New Traditions

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Bonfire with Family and Friends. Image Source:

Making a perfect picnic is all about the food, family, and the mood you create. Noche de San Juan Batista festivities can be enjoyed anywhere and the deep-rooted traditions of bonfires, cleansing the soul for good luck and memorable food will make for an evening to remember for years to come. Don’t forget to pack utensils, a blanket or two, and some easy to prepare food and snacks for an enjoyable evening.

With Noche de San Juan Batista festivities on the horizon, start your planning now to make the gathering memorable and enjoyable for all of your family and friends. Taking some time to plan out a successful picnic does not have to be time-consuming, and you can have your family help with the planning. Make it a yearly tradition and enjoy shopping for all of your Noche de San Juan Batista needs at Fresh is Best on Broadway.