Revered by All, Worshiped by Many

From the dawns of time, Chocolate and the cacao plant have been staples in Mexican culture. Many historians say that chocolate originated from the Mayan word “xocolatl” meaning bitter water. This delicious delicacy, ground from the pods of the cacao tree, became the nectar of the Gods. The Mayan culture worshiped the cacao tree and often used the ground up cacao bean for aphrodisiac purposes. Many say that Moctezuma would consume large amounts of the chocolate drink to build his sexual stamina and prowess! Painting of the cacao plant has been found in temples and on pottery dating back to both Mayan and Aztec times. There have even been pots that were filled to the brim with ground up cacao excavated in ruins within Mexico.

Most often used to create a drink, the Mayan culture often added chili into the concoction to enhance the flavor. This drink was known to help with a person’s vitality and overall health. Many studies in today’s medical journals still show the benefits of eating chocolate. When the Aztec culture came about, their love for the cacao bean continued from Mayan times. It was such a sought after item that people would only consume it during important festivals and only if you were a wealthy or prominent member of society.

Chocolate Today: Still A Favorite Among Mortals

Today, chocolate is still a sought after treat, but the ways we now use chocolate are much different from only a fermented bitter drink. Latin traditions still infuse chocolate and chilies together, and the outcome is just delicious. One of the most well-known Latin dishes that utilizes chocolate is Mole. Many districts in Mexico have argued over the origin of this delicious sauce, but no one can argue its incredible taste!

Mexican Hot Chocolate is another tradition that has withstood the tests of time. Champurrado is a chocolate drink that adds corn flour for thickening. Often consumed during Dia de los Muertos, Champurrado is a wonderfully flavorful drink that warms the soul and fills the belly! You can kick this libation up a notch and add cinnamon, chili or tequila for a bold flavor boost. With a number of different recipes available, you can find your perfect cup of Champurrado to keep you warm.ibarra-genuine-mexican-chocolate

Spice it Up Or Create A New Twist

Many modern day recipes are the perfect place to inject the rich flavor of Mexican Chocolate. From raspberry tamales to churros with Mexican chocolate dipping sauce, the nectar of the Gods is not only for the immortal anymore. Mexican Chocolate usually contains cinnamon and is often more granular than other chocolates. However, the flavor profile of Mexican chocolate makes it a perfect addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Add some spice into your life with some amazing concoctions and experiment with the most important and well-loved confection on earth.