Latin America has been home to extraordinary cuisine that has attracted food lovers worldwide. The mouth-watering traditional food of Latin America is cooked using fresh local ingredients which make it all the more refreshing. Most of the ingredients like corn, potatoes, peppers, and quinoa are produced in the country.

Latin American food is a perfect combination of hot and sweet flavours. With just the right amount of spices, the cuisine satisfies the taste buds of all. Dried herbs and spices are a key ingredient in Latin American dishes. These are used to season soups, salsa, marinades and custards.

Latin American cuisine essentials

The traditional Latin American food is incomplete without spices. These herbs and spices, an essential part in cooking, lend a unique taste to the dishes. Some basic seasonings in Latin American cooking are:

  • salsa-840249_960_720

    Salsa with Nachos

    Bay leaves: This give soups and stews an additional touch of flavour.

  • Mexican Cinnamon: This aromatic spice is used in a number of recipes, be it as a garnishing for desserts or as a sauce for beef.
  • Star anise: Star anise is another spice that is used in a variety of dishes. Owing its name to its shape, star anise adds flavour to desserts and pork.
  • Pepper: Peppers are widely common in Latin cuisine and are used to make varieties of salsa, sauces and seasoning.

The Latin American cuisine has gained popularity among the masses. The ethnicity of the flavours has kept it going. Chiles, salsa, beans, and tortillas are found in all Latin American households. They are available in numerous varieties which serve different purposes.

  • Salsa is one of the most common and favourite ingredients when we speak of Mexican food. Today, salsa is available in the market in a variety of flavours and is consumed with rice, beans, and curries, or used as a marinade for meat.
  • Chile n Latin American cuisine is used in some way or the other. There are different varieties of chile available like Ancho Chile, California Chile, Chipotle Chile. Chiles are used in making different flavours of sauces.
  • Beans are an integral part of Latin cuisine. They are consumed with soups, burritos, pork, and beef. Beans, in Latin food, also form a good combination with rice.
  • Jalapeno is one ingredient that is used in a variety of ways. It is pickled, smoked, fried, and also used in cocktails. Chipotle, a variety of jalapeno, is used in making a variety of sauces which adds spice to recipes.
  • A Tortilla is a corn or wheat flatbread which is used in making tacos and burrit

    tortilla with salad

    os. It is also used in making tortilla chips which make a great match with salsa.

A few popular dishes from Latin America are tamales which are small parcels made of corn with sweet and savoury filling; fruits and vegetables like mango, guava, and avocado. Corn cakes named arepas are an important part of the cuisine.

Potatoes are another important crop produced in Latin America. They are baked, fried and mashed and used in making sauces.

Today, the ingredients required for Latin American food are widely available. They can be purchased and stored, which not only makes cooking easier but also saves time.

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