Can’t get enough of Tortillas, Arepas, Empanadas, Pupusas or Tamales? Did you know all of them include the use of a standard essential ingredient called Masa flour?

If you are a foodie who loves cooking at home, you will probably have a good grasp on the basic know-how of foods and their ingredients. For those with little understanding, let us start with a little introduction!

Colorful regions of Mexico, South, and Central America, have proven to be big fans of Masa flour for ages. It has wide popularity with different names like Masa Harina, Harina Pan for Arepas and Empanadas, and Maseca for Tortillas and Tamales.

Made up of dried, cooked and grounded corn, Masa flour holds a subtle texture and smoothness. The water used for cooking the dish contains slaked lime from which it derives its unique taste. It’s widely used for making and shaping dough.

Here, the point of understanding in detail about the flour holds a good purpose. We all love traditional food, but a little creativity with some smart know-hows can often result in a more presentable dish.

How? Here are other non-traditional uses of Masa Flour in order of their popularity!

1: Sweet Corn Tamalito

Who doesn’t love puddings? Puddings prepared in various forms are enjoyed all around the world. To make them more interesting, you can spice up your taste buds with the tanginess of tomato and the sweetness of corn. A traditional side dish, sweetcorn tomalito is a corn pudding cooked with steam over the stovetop.


Sweet Corn Tamalito

2: Hot Tamale Burgers

Burger Buns can also be made healthy! Don’t believe us? Check out the recipe for hot tamale burgers. Maseca Instant Corn Masa Mix for Tamales is ideal for crunchy and easy-to-bake buns. Not only are they good for health compared to regular burgers, but they are also full of flavor. They can also be personalized using crunchy salads, creamy dips, hot sauces or just a gentle toss of tangy salsa.

Whatever you feel like cooking or adding, never stop creating new dishes through your creative emprise.

3: Thickening agent

Masa Flour can work wonders as a thickening agent. What you need to do is stir some flour with water and add it to any of your dish or sauce for great consistency and a smooth texture. Soups, gravies, batters or dressings, it goes well with all of them. Pretty simple, isn’t it? You are simply going to love it!

4: Mexican Atole

Thick, creamy, milky and chocolaty, a perfect drink to soothe your soul and relax your brain nerves. The Mexican Atole is made of Masa Harina. Yes, the corn flour again! No wonder the outcome tastes “beautifully delicious.” Are you confused with the phrase? Ask Atole lovers.

5: Crispy fried food!

No matter how heavenly your fried food tastes, if they are saggy, they will only decorate the palate. At such times, Masa flour can be your savior. Mix some of it in the batter or simply use it as a coating over any of your snacks before dipping it into the hot boiling oil. The result is sure to produce crispy crunches at every bite!

6: Combiner

People who have gone through the hassle of binding meat mixtures for the sake of meatballs or sausages can relate better. Masa flour holds the minced meat together and makes it easy for shaping stars and moons and anything else you want out of it.

These are few among a broad list of how Masa flour can be utilized. Its distinctive uses make it a must-have for every kitchen and every food lover! Get your packet of Masa flour in Vancouver today from Fresh is Best!