When it comes to side dishes that can take your meal to the next level, few provide the flavor profile that comes with salsa. In fact, salsa goes well with nearly any dish imaginable, and, at times, it can even be used as an ingredient. However, there are some meals that accompany a side dish of salsa particularly well. Here are some dinner entrees that go great with salsa.


Salsa Can be Used as a Side or a Topping with Tacos.
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Tacos are an extremely popular Mexican dish that can be made from corn or wheat tortillas and topped with a variety of items including tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. The reason that salsa should always be considered as a starter dish when having tacos is due to the fact that their ingredients are similar, and therefore, they complement each other perfectly. Not only can salsa be used alongside tacos, but it also works well as a topping itself. By using salsa as a side and as a topping, you can significantly reduce overall preparation time.


Fajitas are known for being packed with meat, such as steak or chicken, and filled with other ingredients like peppers and onions. And while salsa may not work as well as a topping on fajitas, like it does for tacos, when combined with tortilla chips, it can add another dimension to the meal. For instance, fajitas are wrapped in soft tortillas and when this is combined with the crunch of a salsa topped tortilla chip, the contrasts in textures can do wonders for your taste buds.


Chips and Salsa Can Make Soup More Filling.
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One of the only drawbacks to eating soup as a meal is that it can be less than filling, and this can leave our bodies yearning for more food. However, this void can be filled by adding chips and salsa as a side dish to the bowl of soup. And although salsa, such as corn and black bean salsa, can accompany nearly any type of soup, it tends to go better with those that use a tomato base, such as Mexican meatball soup or chicken tortilla soup.

Don’t Forget the Salsa!

If you are trying to plan your next meal and you cannot decide on which side items might work best, then you will surely want to consider salsa and chips. Salsa goes well with tacos, as it can be used as a topping instead of the standard items, and this can help to cut down on prep time. In addition, the crunch that comes with a salsa topped chip is a perfect texture contrast when eating fajitas. Furthermore, if you are looking for a way to make your soup based meal more filling, consider chips and salsa as a side dish. By keeping these tips in mind, you are sure to please even the pickiest of dinner guests.